Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gallery exhibition - Natthaphol

After I went to the Artist books Gallery, I kind of disappointed at first i found out that it is a small gallery but eventually I were glad that it is not a big gallery.
because, it took me around two hours to look thoroughly. Arts need delicacy and scrutinization in order to perceive every aspects of the Arts.
Back to my taste of the Arts, I walked around the gallery and the first thing that caught my eyes sight onto it is "Circular Books".

I looked around those books trying to take an aesthetics of this pieces of Arts but I ended up finding nothing. Maybe because my level of aesthetic perception is not enough to get through it.

It's weird and oddly good looking however, I thought it is the most un-usable among the others in term of daily use. I might considered it as my sort of "dislike" category. On the other hand, there were couple things that i really like it. First, it is a book that laid down beside "Rock Hearts" book.

It doesn't have a name, made of two thick boards joining together. The inside of it consist of brown papers that have thread binding around its edges. So What did it make me like it? well, it is sort of regular diary but the Artist adds some tangibly memorable stuffs that would remind him/her about what was going on in the past beside only "Words" that were written down. The stuffs would help the reader more about feeling into it.

Definitely not only the story that are conveyed in words but also visual perception of objects and its texture as well. The other art that i like is "Bee book".

It has everything that diary has as i just said above, visual perception from the pictures, textures from piece of papers and translucent papers, and moreover if you carefully notice, you will smell something i'm not sure whether it is honey or ink scent but it helps adding dimension to it.

In summary, I had a lot of fun going to the gallery. It broaden both my vision and my mind. I would definitely go to the gallery and also museum again if i get a chance and time because it is going to take me whole day to see those arts :)


  1. I left the exhibition with the thoughts of the cylindrical books and it was a diffferent convention of design. When I looked into those books I felt as though it is a 3D view and with the pictures looking as though they are moving. I would have loved to buy one of those but was too expensive..

  2. Naveen.. I often find myself with those thoughts when I leave a gallery. I just cannot imagine what my house would look like at this point though.