Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boston Book Art Review ---Chuan

After I came back from this Artist book show, I found that I am not an art person. Those books gave me the similar feeling, that is they are made by people who are creative.

First, I like how the room was built, it is simple and clean. It uses the space very equally, on the left side of the room is the pictures that drawing by somebody (I didnot remember the name), on the right side, it is the different books created by different people.

Second, Some of the books that i enjoyed.

1st, This book with leafs inside.
The reason I like this one is it directly shows to people how the leafs changes. When I opened this book, I didn't just looked at it quickly, I would like to picked up one and found where is this one, what's the name of this one. Also I want to know why the author wanted to choose these leafs, how did he choose and made it.

2nd, These three books.
These were the only three books I remembered their names. Especially the one named "Winter Windows" on the right side of this photo. They described this one as a Mixed Media. there were a small book inside this one.

I took these two photos in a book. I thought this book shows a clear way about storytelling. It using different pictures in an easy way to show that story.


  1. LOL~~ my back.
    And the book with leaves is probably the one the student said "fragile" right?
    The one in the third picture which is made of wood chips made me think of my childhood, there was one kind of toy that you can flip it on both side and it will show different pictures. Does American also have that kind of toy so that the artist combine both the toy and the book together?

  2. I agree that the wooden piece was similar to the old fashion toy from a long time ago and i believe the artist may used this toy mechanic to make his artist book. It also reminded me of the old fashion chinese fan as well