Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Treatment - Michael Canavan

Project Title: The Start of a Relationship
Date: October 13, 2010

I am making this film about a man's memory about his first date with the woman who was to become his wife.

Central Theme:
"The start of a relationship" is about a man and woman on a first date but they know that it will turn into something more serious.

Start with an outside view of a museum in the pouring rain. Next, a shot of man inside the museum from the waist up, looking forward, staring at something far away. We then see what he is looking at (a far away shot of the woman enjoying the art, not noticing him yet). A shot of her looking up, smiling. A faraway view of them hugging. A shot from behind as they walk into the exposition. At exposition, woman's eyes closed, as in a dream state. Shot of her at a museum with her parents when she was a child. Back to woman whispering in man's ear. They leave the museum and walk outside to a sunny day. They walk along a river. They get into a boat (Swan Boat?). Separate shots of them laughing and enjoying themselves. Shot of them together laughing. They walk through a park when woman looks at her watch. She looks up sadly. He looks sad. A far, rear view of couple leaving the park. Couple stopping in front of an office building in the city. They kiss. She smiles and goes inside. He stands there looking at the empty door way. He then smiles and walks away. Ariel shot of man walking down street.

Technical Considerations:
I will use photos, some that I take and some from the internet. I will use photoshop to edit the pictures and then I will use iMovie to make the movie. I might use minimal sound effects (the rain) or a soundtrack with Soundtrack Pro.

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