Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Artist book show review-Nat Paosong

I really enjoyed the exhibition. There are many different artist books type and design in the gallery. Most of them are very creative; however some of them are a little hard to understand the message behind the art piece but overall I think the show was very nice and gave me a lot of inspirations. One of my favorite piece was "The Guatemala stories" by Laura Blacklow. It was made by vandyke brown print on rag paper. This book is an antique style of brief histories from 1954-2007. The piece poetry many interesting images from time to time in Guatemala. With an ole looking style and the content inside the book. It is my favorite book in the gallery.


  1. When I saw "The Guatemala stories", the first thought came to me is that it was not been printed but drawn by hand. I do believe the artist was trying to emulate the some kind of old book materials, and it was really made in 2007. Amazing piece of work.

  2. This was the art book that kept me engaged for most of the time.The facts were spelled out chronologically,supported with drawings that I buried myself into the book and it stimulated me to look for more details on the web when I reached home. This art spoke for itself.