Thursday, October 21, 2010

Memento Critic

I can like a movie for multiple reasons, it might be a new concept, very imaginative, funny or for many other reasons. Sometimes I would even like a movie I didn’t enjoy, but from which I learned or saw something different, and this is what happened with me and the movie Memento. I found the unconventional narrative and the use of time and space in this movie unusually complex but very well formed and achieved, I particularly liked how the use of color (or better said the lack of color) arose many different emotions to everyone in the class and even though we all felt something is theses scenes we had trouble describing it or pointing out exactly what they made us feel . I usually don’t like open ended movies because I believe we go to the movies to see the directors idea take form and I like to understand and see his idea of the end and feeling that I got “some closure”.

Also I am the type of person who goes to the movies to relax and enjoy, and usually go with very light type of movies. After 2h of watching memento I was very tired of trying to follow the plot. This movie requires a lot of attention and can be at points frustrating and complicated to follow. I could compare this movie with a piece of art you find intriguing and very well created but that you will never put in your house.

This movie is the perfect movie to show in class because during the hole movie it shows the use of time (linear and non linear) and space.

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