Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I took my girlfriend to see this exhibition with me, and boy am I happy I did it. I don't want to say that I might some times have difficulties perceiving and interpreting art but it really helped to have some one else's perspective. I enjoyed the exposition however expected something else, it took me a bit to understand what was so different from this to other old books that I have seen which were actually pretty nice also, and suddenly I realize that many of this books actually were not books were art pieces in the form of a book. They didn't tell a story or transmit a message through a written text they did it trough the piece itself, a message that is not super clear in many cases but that allows us to actually perceive a different message.

After the exposition I looked into the creation of books like this and that added a lot to the appreciation of this wonderful books, even though each one of them are probably created differently, its not only the creative process which is amazing (even though some times I have difficulties appreciating the creative side of things) but also the craftsmanship and extensive manual work there is behind each one of them.

Here are some pictures of pieces I found to be interesting;

This one was for me the most vivid and beautiful, it was just like having a book inside a book, I found it very creative and also visually appealing plus wonderfully constructed

What I like the most about this one was how different it looked, I was wondering what was on the other side though

This wasn't actually a book which makes it a piece of art in a book form I actually tried to open it until I realize what it was. I was very interested in trying to read the inside but couldn't


  1. I am not sure the name of your first picture, I think is called "A story about a trip up north and down". It's just like a 3D storybook for children, it is a mixed media book and I really like on the last page, the mini book lying inside of it. I remember very well it is about a car being driven away. What important is that, I reconsidered the meaning of "media/medium" again after I saw the book and its label.

  2. I was also puzzled when I saw the last book. The text was quite interesting to read although difficult to make out the letters on the edges. The second last book displayed a different art work and the visual content of the book was very enriching.Art work was well composed and as one surfed from one frame to other, it was a gradual tranistion of time and space.

  3. The book inside the book was one of my favorites also. I like that you can watch the "movie version" (with the flip book)of the story that you just read.