Thursday, October 14, 2010

Treatment - Nat Paosong


black & white film to give the 19th century feeling

Central theme

Base on her dream, my central theme would be a murder in the middle of downtown in 19th century.


In 19th century,Yao was walking in downtown with the detective. They walked pass many stores. It was dark at night and suddenly they saw a pair of eyes from the dark staring at them. The detective pulled out his gun and shot at that guy while that guy was throwing a wooden chopstick to the detective head. the bullet went in his head as the chopstick somehow pierce through the detective head as well. They both died. Yao sit next to the detective dead body and saw some one legs walked toward her. she looked up and realize it was Sherlock Holms!!! Sherlock Holms help her up and they both got in a car. they started driving then a stone hit Yao and she pass out right away. She woke up in the motor 4 wheel with only one eyes open. She found a room and then went to sleep.

Technical consideration

I will record the scene by a video camera, and also i'll shoot some still images to use in my film. I'll use adobe premier to edit my film and audacity to edit the sound. Hopefully it'll be a good film.

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