Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Treatment from Yu SUN (Max)

Project Title: A Tour to An Alien Planet
Date: Oct 14, 2010
Story and voice: Nat Paosong
Producer: Yu SUN (Max)
This little piece of video will be present as a stop-motion animation.

Central Theme:

This is a scene of Nat Paosong’s dream, which could be considered as a scary dream. Something horrible happened when “he” was touring to an alien planet.

I am going to set up a scene to give a sense of sitting inside of a huge space shuttle, passengers are sitting next to each other while the PA is broadcasting Jazz music. Gradually zooming out of the window, the overall look of the spaceship fill the whole screen and suddenly it accelerates to the alien planet. After a short period of white scene, the spaceship is performing a low-altitude flying, the camera position should be under the ship so that the audience can watch a totally different view of the savage planet. After landing, the guide says something and the tourists dismiss, I am going to cut a chunk of voiceover from the original sound file and sync it with the guide’s mouth. Now the main perspective is from the protagonist’s sight of view with occasionally panorama shots from the side of the protagonist. Now the BGM should be something light and relaxed. Fast forwarding to the gathering time, the protagonist runs back to the landing point. The music beats are going faster and faster, the whole view becomes unstable, because no one is there expect the main character. The main perspective switches to the protagonist’s view. The overall color turns cold and faded, also the BGM fades out. With a huge sound of explosion, a big, ugly creature stands up in front of the protagonist staring straight to him. Then the protagonist turns around and starts to run, in another word, the main perspective turns around with vibrated view and heavy breath sound as the SFX. The whole screen is turing black when the last scene happens.

Technical Considerations:
I am planning to use pictures that I will take and parts of pictures from others’ works, using Photoshop or other still picture application to post-produce each picture as a individual frame of the videoclip. Because the limitation is around one minutes, so that means there is going to be at least 100 frames. The rate of frames is not permanent, it will change with the plot going up or down. The assembling work which contains locating and speed controlling will be finished in Final Cut Pro, and at the very end, SFX tracks and BGM tracks will be assigned in Soundtrack Pro.

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  1. What about some "rule of thirds" shots. Between the protagonist and the antagonist.. :)
    make sure if you use others' images that you credit them.
    This is great though!