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Sharing - Yu Sun (Max)

This is a really great animation, and it is a graduation thesis project made by a group of students from Taiwan. I like the way they tell the story, from both the main character's perspective and the audience perspective. Hope you'll like it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Redsox dream--by Chuan

Finally, i got it in the last minute. HAHA

Yao's dream

Naveen's Dream by Natthaphol

Nat's Village dream -- Yao

Nat's Dream by Max(Yu Sun)

For 720p HD, please click this link.

Max's Dream by Lauren Erwin

Joel's Dream - Michael Canavan

Get Me Out of Here !!!!!

LAUREN's DREAM by Naveen Khan

Frances Stark - Lauren

I went to the exhibit earlier this week and it was my first time to the List Gallery. I was glad that it was a larger exhibit than the BHCC yet again i was the only person there and i could take my time. I purposely went into the exhibit not knowing anything about Frances Stark. I wanted to attempt to interpret her works without any outside influence. From the first few pieces that i saw, it is clear that Stark likes to play with the english language and words. Many pieces are passages from books that are copied onto paper. I surmise that this is her way of reexamining these works and finding art in the beauty of language itself. In some pieces, she uses just single letters or parts of words cut out and made into a collage like in this one where the bird is on a lettered branch.

Many of her other works include her self portrait in the act of creating the art itself. I feel as if she is pointing out how art is construction and not unlike other day to day chores and rituals we do everyday. It almost makes it feel mundane. These pieces also feel more personal because you get a glimpse of what this person looks like.

Stark uses mixed media for many of her creations. Lots of paper with text cut out and pasted on and junk mail. The junk mail ones have strips of the catalogs, envelopes, bills, and other superfluous garbage that we all receive in the mail everyday melded together to form some sort of collage or other object. The piece, "In and In", shows piles of these collaged strips stacked on the whole canvas. I believe she is commenting on the absurdity of all of the junk we have to sort through everyday to get to the stuff that is important. This can relate to all aspects of life since most of our days consist of routines that really don't matter in the grand scheme of life. The clutter can be overwhelming however.

Stark also had a video and a power point. These two i wasn't as interested in. That is just a personal preference and to me these were difficult to grasp the concept behind them. She also had a fun costume that was a rotary phone. I'm not sure what this is supposed to represent other then how antiquated the rotary phone is. It shows that she has talent in many different media. Overall, I found the exhibit to be quite enjoyable. I liked her larger more complicated pieces the best and think she has a unique point of view of what art is.

Sharing - Max(Yu Sun)

I really love this short biographic movie. Each shot was carefully taken, and each frame was well-composed. Also the story line with some of the protagonist's voice over make the movie very touching. The director, camera man, editor was the same person, the old man's son.

Timothy George Pierce - My Father from Tim Pierce - Zeros&Ones on Vimeo.

Frances Stark Exibition review by Max (Yu Sun)

I went to MIT List Gallery this week after some one told me art works there were a little bit conceptual and hard to understand. Well, my life is full of challenges and I am willing to explore and solve puzzles.

The first impression of the exhibition is that the style is more unified than the "Artists' Books show", I think the main reason is because it is a single artist exhibition. But there are still a lot of diversity nested in the exhibition, for instance, various of materials, various of way of assembling. Also, based on these differences, my emotion can be affected by the author's emotion at the time he was creating them.

Let me started with one of my favorite piece of Frances Stark's works. The name of that piece is "Toward a Score for Load every rift with ore", and I am so lucky that I found it online. The first thing I love about this art is the sources. Stark used daily life materials like letters, shipping labels, recipes to make the collage, and drew a chair in the middle of the collage. I have a feeling that I am sitting on the black chair and trying to handle my everyday life. It is the true feeling, not just from a printed pictures. Second, I was thinking about why he cut all those papers in to incomplete chunks? My very own answer is that he wanted to leave the audience some sort of imagination about the art work, I may say "Nothing is perfect."

The second one I want to mention is the one named "Pretty Ugly". The painting is a portrait girl. When I saw it for the first time with its title on it, I thought that was really ugly. But when I double checked it, I saw the girl's face were formed by flowers. And I think that is why the author called the painting Pretty Ugly. I have to admit the word "ugly" was really leading me to a wrong place at first. But fine arts needed to be watch carefully from itself.
Also, there was one piece that interested me. It was a piece of yellow paper, with a computer directory tree on it. The sub-directory was full of MS Word file. And I found one special file hidden among those Word files. That really took me some time to figure out what was that, and what is the massage the author wanted to pass.

There were few questions in my mind when I am done seeing the exhibition. Most of Frances Stark's artworks I saw were made with daily materials, and he always put things that have nothing relation to each other together to form a new object. The object could be a daily life stuff, or even a creative, assembled invention. But why is the artist think that way? How could he managed to put those stuff together? Were the ideas coming to his mind directly by some inspiration, or he was intentionally doing so? But anyway, Spark's works really give those daily matters a new life, and make them three-dimensioned other than laying on a 2D paper.

That is a great exhibition!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Frances Stark Review - Michael Canavan

I went to the Francis Stark gallery in the MIT List Visual Arts Center on Veterans Day. Because of the holiday, I wasn't sure if the exhibit would be crowded with fans of Francis Stark or empty, with people finding others ways to entertain themselves on their day off. It was the latter. I was pleased because I felt that I could take my time to study her work. And I did have to study her work to try to understand what she was trying to say through her art. I'd like to start off by saying that for the most part I am not a huge fan of her art. What I am a fan of is her creativity. One of the pieces that I am ashamed to say I liked was the "Cat Videos." The "Cat Videos" are a collection of videos that Stark took of her cats in her home. She added different pieces of music to go along with what the cats are doing in each scene. The videos are shown on a television hanging in the gallery as if it were a piece of art. While I hardly consider it art, it does keep your attention. I didn't watch the whole thing but watched a good 5 minutes of it.

One thing that I noticed about Stark's work is that she uses birds in a number of her pieces. The first work that you see when you walk in the gallery is of a parrot standing on a branch. That is all the the work contains. No background images or colors, just the parrot and the branch. It still is an incredible piece of work and will grab your attention. This, along with her other works with birds in them are the works of art of hers that I appreciate. I liked how she used a collage of printed text from various articles to give the branch shape and definition. I don't know what she was trying to say through this piece. Was she trying to say how digital technology is overtaking the printed word in today's environment? Or maybe she was just making a piece of art with no hidden message. I don't know.

One piece that I liked (and I am sure many others liked as well) was "The Inchoate Incarnate: After a Drawing, Toward an Opera, but before a Libretto Even Exists." It was very creative of her to look at an old rotary dial phone and see in it, the image of a woman. What I get out of the work is that Stark believes that many people are addicted to modern technology (mostly cell phones) nowadays. A great number of people deal with others through emails and texting instead of talking to people face to face. Don't get me started with people on the bus talking loudly (cell phone) for all to hear.

The final piece that I really liked for its creativity was the PowerPoint presentation: "Structures That Fit My Opening." Just like the "Cats Video'" it kept my attention for a few minutes. It's sound effect could be heard at various points throughout the whole gallery. I heard them as I first entered the gallery and, at that point, I had no idea from where they were coming. Although the presentation itself wasn't as creative as just the idea of the work, I did enjoy watching it for a few moments. What I did like about it was that once the presentation concluded and started again, the presentation was different. It was not the same every time.

The gallery was smaller than I anticipated which was a little disappointing but I still enjoyed myself while there. For the most part I liked most of Frances Starks' work, aside from one or two that annoyed me. I won't discuss the pieces. I'll just say that I don't like "works of art" that have items of clothes hanging from them. Other than those pieces, I really enjoyed my time at the Frances Stark gallery.

Frances Stark Review - Anne Kane

I enjoyed viewing the work of Frances Stark at the MIT List Gallery. Her work is mainly collages. She seems to also like to use black and white stripes which really stands out. I like the fact that she uses multiple materials. She uses fabric and magazine cutouts as well as a shiny metallic texture. She also uses a lot of text that sometimes spells out words and sometimes does not.

Her work is somewhat technically simplistic compared to other artists. However simple is not a bad thing. I learned that she was also a writer and a poet. This explains her broad use of text and the written word in her work.

Her use of collage is multilayered and the parts create a whole. I equally enjoyed her pieces that were in black and white as well as color. Some of my favorite pieces were the peacock, the metallic dresser near the beginning of the gallery and the 3D telephone made of black fabric near the end.

Frances Stark

Am I Dumb ?

Or just incapable of appreciating art ? This was the most recurrent thought during my trip to the gallery.

I really hope we don't get graded by the depth of our thoughts about the artist and its artwork or by the length of our review, otherwise I am in deep trouble.

Lets start by reviewing the only picture I was allowed to take.

This might have been the only part I understood, pretty self explanatory so no pictures !!!!

In general when trying to appreciate art I look for something that even if I don't like I can deem as unique or in which the amount of work it took to conceive or create is admirable. Sometimes I don't get anything from an artist, very sadly I have to say that is what I got from Frances Stark. I dint find any of its pieces to be sassy, bold or particularly creative or innovative, even more I found that many of its pieces follow a very repetitive pattern (specially the ones with text in it). This wouldn't represent a major issue if I related or liked or even understood the artist which I didn't, maybe as a consequence of not understanding the time and situation in which this work took place for the artist which he mentioned was very important to relate to his work.

But frankly not one thing captured my attention, not the colors, materials, creativity or work behind its pieces. I felt that any of his works (with maybe two exceptions of its painting) could have been done by anyone.

I might be to critic but it is because I went to this exposition with big expectations, I might be paying my frustration for not being able to get what so many people do, that I might be redirecting the feeling towards a bad critic.

I believe anything can be observed and considered as art, so no artist could ever be wrong with any piece he creates, but I also believe that the reaction these art pieces create can't ever be wrong either. I really tried to get something from her pieces, but trying so hard only irritated me which later on transformed into and anger feeling toward its work.

The first part of my review was wrote just after returning from the exposition. Before publishing I kept thinking why I had such a bad reaction to her art and realize that something Mrs Stark said is true, we need to understand the moment and time in which a piece is created, I believe my mood at the time of the exposition really influenced my perception on her work and made me realize how our emotions clearly influence our perception on everything.

“It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors”

Oscar Wilde

Monday, November 15, 2010

Frances Stark Exhibition - Natthaphol

I once thought that arts have to be only drawing or well-composed photograph but after i went to see the exhibition which what i thought it's real art, I surprisingly realized that anything, any medium can be arts.

In general, arts which were brought to show in the museum were mixed-medium arts. For example, a piece of cloth, paper, texts and as well as drawing.. The interesting point were how does she put those medium together to represent the message that being implied within the artwork.

her artworks ranging from text patterns, cut-paste paper, mixed medium to a dressed-doll.
One of her artwork that i really liked was an artwork named "and also another one at the same time, not". It's repeated phrase "and also another one at the same time, not" drew by ink (i guess).

There were a number of that phrase at the bottom and transitioning into birds but when you're looking at the big picture, you will see it looks like a dense forest and bird in the sky. A text repetitions and variety made a nicely movements. That piece of art really amazed me.
Another artwork that i liked is, "If conceited girls want to show they have a seat". It was a drawing of a little girl in the background acted like she is proudly showing a chair. Foreground was a piece of black and white stripe cloth(i don't remember exactly). It was attached to its background acting like she uses it to cover her face. This help a lot in making 3-dimension feeling.

There are a lot of artworks that i haven't mentioned but actually i like every pieces of those. I really would like to deeply understand what she is telling us in her artwork but i'm currently having a limited proficiency in English... . Some of her artworks contain a poetic meaning such as "Becoming Modestly" and "Modestly Becoming" which were a white-painted girl hiding behind big butterfly with black stripe theme on its wings. Respectively, a black-painted girl hiding behind big butterfly with white stripe them on its wings. Both butterfly facing each other like a mirror sort of. I honestly didn't understand but it's beautiful.

I got a lot of thoughts/ideas in my head after visit the museum and i think everyone is the same, right? It also broaden my vision out further more in term of art and creativity. So, Just keep thinking outside of the box!! people!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Frances Stark Review- Naveen

I had the first setback at the reception when I was told very courteously that Photography is prohibited inside the gallery and so I had to make mental notes while I went around the space.

From my point of view I found Frances Starks’s Gallery to be an exhibit par excellence. I was drawn towards her collages formed by combination of text, word, writings & images, which seems to be taken from varied collected pictorial source material. The intricately textured collages made with snippets of text and graphic elements finds interrelations between art and literature and image and text. When I entered the gallery I witnessed the diaphanous paper works having a frenetic quality that thematically unleashes the transcripts with sketches and literary appropriations, mesmerizing me to go further ahead.

I left the gallery while debating to myself on some of the thought provoking art work:

An excellent hieroglyphic Paper Collage titled Chorus Girl folding self in half. I found the circles to be a playful use of material to unfold the pictorial language while sharing the mechanisms of the dynamic interaction. Overall the visual appeal of the picture was more profound while concentrating on one circle and others seem to acquire dynamic shifts, to highlight the multiple aspects of life where paths criss-cross again and again.

An image of a peacock collage exhibiting their extravagant tail feathers with text pulled from literature rolls down & meticulously sews together to match the various layers of symmetry.

A mixed media on paper collage of a woman clinging to a slippery pole and a peacock beside her also caught my attention. Both images seem to be crafted out of the artists imagination while the women looks exposed and precarious and the bird imperiously looks the other way.

The In & In Collage is a stack of two papers meticulously arranged with text and images. The images pinpoint the task of sifting through the regular piles of reading followed by the dull process of sorting out the junk mails. The collective art addresses the paradox of reproducing visuals that are non photogenic by nature.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Frances Stark gallery review -- Yao

Frances Stark gallery review

Date: Nov. 12th, 2010

Class: Time-Based Media

Name: Yao Xiao

I went to the gallery yesterday and the building is easy to find out. Except the Frances Stark show, there were some other good shows some days ago, I feel regret to miss those shows. When I walked into the building, I noticed we are not allowed to take photos (but I still took some), even can not stand too close to the pictures (before I wore my glasses on), I felt so lucky I took my glasses with me, so that I can saw clearly how the artist did it even though the pictures are huge…

The first impression the gallery gives me is collages, almost all the art works are huge collages with some drawing on, thy are hang on the white walls in a very big and clean room, it makes the collages very outstanding and clean. After appreciating all the artistic works and reading the notes beside each ones, I found the artist selected varieties of materials as media, such as rice paper which used the most, plastic, cloth, newspaper, magazine, rope, polyester and so on. The combination of materials gives the collage different weight and layers, so that the theme of the picture could be spread better than only one material does. Between the dozens of collages, I have strong impression on three of them.

Frances Stark, Push, 2006
Latex, printed matter, linen tape and stickers on panel
Courtesy of Marc Foxx, Los Angeles.

The first one is this collage called “push”, in this picture, a door is open and tons of unknown stuff flying through the door. In my opinion, it is talking about peoples’ life in nowadays, since computer era came into human’s society, our life is full filled with emails, advertisements and software. Everyday before people push the office door, those emails, advertisements are already waiting there and cannot wait to pull you into the endless world till the day end. Seeing the picture carefully, the colorful stripe is stretching from the left side of the picture to the door handle. It means since the moment people touch the door handle it turns the switch on, a day with computer started.

The second one it this “tree”, the tree trunk is made of letters, the tree leaves and braches are made of letters and birds, from tree trunk to bird, artist used letters transformed to birds naturally, it is a imagery about people’s thought, thoughts are diverging and wide, every tiny thought may becomes a bright idea or invention, it is hard to detect like flying birds, no one knows where the birds is flying to in the next second.

For the last one I want to talk about, it is because it dimensions unlike other collages, it is a people-shaped model in black dress with an old phone’s dial plate stick on it. People are like a telephone, a connector or a speaker, as the telephone receives messages, news and sounds it also spread out to the other. In society, people are sources, recipients and media for others, like telephones’ wire lines (on the back of the model) tie each other together and sew them into a net, visible or not.

As for art, different people thinks in his way, maybe what I felt is not the idea the artist wanted to express, but this is my opinion on the art works.

Friday, November 5, 2010

MIT List Gallery - To see and times etc etc etc

I want you all to go to the List Gallery and see the Frances Stark show. Her work is incredible and  I want you all to write a review on it. It will be relating to your final project.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday-Wednesday: 12-6PM; Friday-Sunday: 12-6PM; Thursday: 12-8PM; Closed Mondays and Major Holidays. Information: 617.253.4680 or
All exhibitions at the MIT List Visual Arts Center are free and open to the public.

  • The MIT List Visual Arts Center is located in the Wiesner Building, 20 Ames St., at the eastern edge of the MIT campus. It is in close proximity to Kendall Square, Memorial Drive, and the Longfellow Bridge.
  • By T, take the red line to the Kendall/MIT stop, follow Main St. west to Ames St., turn left, and walk one block to the cross walk. The MIT List Visual Arts Center housed in a building identifiable by its white gridded exterior, will be on your left. Signage is on the building.
  • By car, coming across the Longfellow Bridge or from Memorial Drive, follow signs for Kendall Square. Limited metered parking is available on Ames Street. A parking garage is located at the Cambridge Center complex (entrance on Ames between Main and Broadway) during business hours and on campus after business hours and on weekends.

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Camera Angles and Techniques - Nat Paosong

Some tips for shooting our shot film, hope it helps you guys

completed shot list--Yibiao

Kane was driving, we saw it from the inside of the car, back from the chair. She drived for a long time(like 40 or 60 seconds in the timeline so long to make the audience feel bored). Then she stopped, walking out of the car. We can see the bridge as a background. She kept walking until the edge of the bridge. She was watching the sight in front of her. Then the background was twisting and change to a wasteland(wired background music, and mist spreading). Every where is like in the video game Fallout. The bridge was still there, but it was very crashed form. She didn't know what to do so she just walked. She saw someone then she ask him. She keep walking until she saw a river(the river is dark and full of something strange). Two men came, and put her in a raft. She travelled along the river. Along the river side, there are very strange animal and thing keep bouncing. At last she came to a cliff, the raft fall. She screamed and fall of. Then She waked up

Dream Script, Storyboard, and Shot list- Lauren


In POV shot, someone walks up to the nightclub door and pulls it open. Pulsing muffled beats are heard from afar.


POV moving into club.


In my dream i am at a live concert.

It’s very dark with many flashing colored lights criss crossing in front and some in the camera lens. The music is pumping full volume and is crystal clear, “Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit. Once fully in the club, it’s apparent that the place is jammed with people excited about who is onstage. Some are cheering with their hands up, others swaying or jumping. Quick CUs to illustrate the confusion and chaos of the scene. It’s dark and the figures are pretty indecipherable, very saturated. We never see who is actually on stage, maybe there is no one?

POV shot turns around to reveal a tall, thin man, MAX sitting on a beaten up, black bicycle. He appears to be pensive about the situation in front of him. After taking in a few deep breaths he appears ready for the task at hand.

Max wheels his bike through the crowd to the front of the stage and gets up on it. He looks around at the audience yet he can never see anything except blinding spotlights. It’s silent now.


Figuring he should do something as to avoid utter embarrassment, he gets on his bike and starting peddling around the stage. From far back you hear a clap and a few whistles from the crowd. It spurs Max on and he rides now with no hands. The cheers get louder, funky music begins, and Max’s confidence grows. A montage of him riding around faster and with no hands, CUs of the parts of the bike, his goofy elated face, the cheering crowd. The montage ends with the overconfident Max trying to pop a wheelie and having the bike flip over and land on top of him as he falls to the ground on his back. A collective “oooooh” resonates through the whole club. Max sits on the floor humiliated.


What are doing?

Max turns around to where the voice is coming from and sees that it is a woman and recognizes her as his friend LUCY. But why on earth is Lucy speaking like a man? He doesn’t say anything just gives her a quizzical look.


(still male VO)

It’s terrible. We’re going to

be late for class. Let’s go.

Lucy turns and walks out through the back of the stage and is gone.

Max still is sitting on the ground more confused than ever. The

club is now silent and there is no one else there. Slowly it’s

gets darker and darker in the room. Max looks around panicked.



It gets darker until it Max is in complete darkness.




Max has his head down on the desk, apparently sleeping. An arm is on his shoulder shoving him to wake up. It's Lucy.


Let's go. We're gonna be late

for class.

Max slowly comes to realize he fell asleep in class, again, and snaps his head up. Lucy's voice is back to normal.


You might want to start sitting

in the back. And check the drool

(gestures to her mouth).

Lucy walks towards the door. Max quickly wipes his mouth and grabs his bag. They head out of the classroom.


They begin to walk down the hall.


Oh I need to get my bike (looks around).


What bike? You don't have a bike, buddy.

We walked to class together.



They continue to walk down the hallway getting further and further away. The camera pans over to the left where the beaten, black bike is leaning against the wall.

Shot list for Max’s Dream by Lauren

CU hand pulling door open

POV walking into club

WS of club crowd

CU of audience swaying to music

CU of audience cheering

CU of bright spotlights in camera lens

WS of various lights going on and off

MS of Max on bike from front

LS of Max walking bike to stage

LS of Max getting to center of stage w/bike

MS of Max standing with bike

Over shoulder high angle shot of Max looking into bright light.

Reverse shot low angle Max looking at light

LS Max getting on bike and riding around

Tracking shot of him riding

CU of Max’s face happy for the cheers

XCUs of parts of bike

XCUs of Max’s face

CU of Max with goofy face

MS slow motion of Max popping wheelie falling back and out of frame

Extreme high angle of Max on his back

MS of Max sitting up and coming into frame

MS behind Max as he turns to hear the voice, partially silhouetted

FS of Lucy mostly in darkness as she speaks and then leaves

CU of Max’s face in the confusion as it gets darker and darker and fades to black

CU of Max with his head down on the desk with arm entering frame shaking him

MS of Lucy telling Max to wake up

MS of Max waking up startled

LS of them walking out of classroom from behind

LS of them coming through door of classroom to hallway

CU of Max saying yeah…right

LS to ELS of the two walking down the hallway away from camera

PAN from LS to wall where bike is leaning

Images courtesy of Getty Images and Flickr

Shot List and Storyboard - Anne Kane

Shot List

-LS Campus

-MCU Fett looking down, POV of dreamer

-LS People Crossing path

-LS 360 dreamers POV

-LS Reverse 360 with dreamer as subject

-CU hands POV of dreamer

-MCU Friend talking

-CU - Hand on shoulder of passerby

MCU Passerby gives a dirty look to dreamer

EXT: Campus Day

The dreamer is walking across campus and everything is blurry. There is a mist in the air and nothing is in focus. The shots are all POV of the dreamer unless indicated otherwise. A long shot shows the campus and shows people walking by not paying attention to the dreamer. The dreamer looks at his feet and hands in close-up shots.

Two 360 degree shots, one POV and the other reversed showing the dreamer build tension and confusion. Someone bumps into the dreamer but continues walking away without an acknowledgement. A friend of the dreamer stops to talk.


Hi, do you feel how strange it is out here today? I feel like I'm not even here.

I think you need to get some sleep man.

Dreamer stands still as friend A walks away. The dreamer then reaches out to touch the shoulder of a passer-by. The passerby turns around and gives the dreamer a weird look then walks away. Dreamer then walks into a wall. Fade to black.

Storyboard, Script and Shot LIst

Storyboard, Script, Shot List - Joel Goldenstein


Script (Please see comment)

EXT Space Establishing Shot

Image starts fading in to reveal the earth from far away, image starts zooming in getting into the earth falling down into the continent, after into the country then into a state, city to finally arrive to the front of the building where action is about to take place, here with a dissolve we zoom into the window of the building in where the action is taking place.

INT Room

We enter the room with a fade in coming from the window outside, with a subtle panning we show the room, a person is there working in his computer we zoom in to look closer what he is doing, suddenly something starts happening, with a zoom out we capture what is going on. Spiders are coming out of his computer screen. Focusing the attention on him we capture his emotions, scare yelling, he suddenly takes a bat and starts trying to scare the spiders, changing angles to capture all the activity he gets so nervous that he ends swinging the bat so hard that he breaks the computer which catches on fire. Followed by the camera, in his panic attack he runs outside the room and down the stairs leaving the building.

EXT Bus Stop

Outside the building he keeps trying to run away, with a wide shot we show him getting into a bus without knowing where he is going. In a new scene with no transition with an EWS the bus appears in the highway there is certain peace about this take there is no sound or movement, however that peace don’t last long and we get a pan view of the inside of the bus just to realize that there are animals running along the highway, the character does not understand what is going on and certain we note certain anxiety about the situation. Everything turns black he doesn’t understand what is going on when suddenly he opens his eyes, everything has been a dream he had fell asleep behind the wheel of a car.

EXT Highway

With an ECU we see the anxiety of the driver to realize he was asleep while driving and also trying to make sense of the weird dream he just had. But before even realizing it with an OSS we she from far away what looks like a person flying, can this be true? Here we hear the flying man saying, VO would you like to come and fly with me, to which our character responds VO thank you but no. Just after saying that the mysterious flying man disappears and when our character focus again on the street it was too late and he lost control of the vehicle which crashes to a pole seconds after. The different camera angles show the crash and the person seconds later leaving the car, running away from it with no direction.

EXT Neighborhood

In a new scene, our character seems to have found his neighborhood, without even looking to the sides he continues running crossing the street stopping the traffic, we can hear the horns and people yelling and with a pan movement we follow the character to see him getting into what seems to be his own house

Shot List

Storyboard, Script and Shot List - Michael



ELS of the front of the Museum of Fine Arts. Good looking man in his mid twenties steps into the shot. The shot is from behind from his shoulders up. He is looking at the MFA before he heads in. Only Time by Enya fades in.
Man VO.

MLS of man entering the MFA.

POV of man. Pan left then pan right. He looks back and forth, surveying the gallery. It is evident that he is looking for something or someone.

MCU of man smiling. We can tell that he has found what he was looking for.

POV of man. We see why he was smiling. Off in the distance, a woman is looking at a piece of art unaware that the man has arrived.

MCU of beautiful woman in her mid twenties looking up, noticing that the man has arrived. She is happy to see him and is smiling.

LS Man and woman are hugging. They are very excited to see each other.

MLS Rear view of man and woman standing, admiring a painting. They are enjoying the art but, privately, each is wishing that they would leave the museum so as to enjoy their time together more.

Two Shot CU of man and woman. Woman is whispering into man's ear. She is telling him that she wants to leave the museum so that that can have some fun together. He smiles in agreement.
Man VO

LS Rear view of man and woman walking toward the exit of the MFA.

EXT: Faneuil Hall
ELS of the Faneuil Hall

LS Man and woman walking along the cobblestone looking in shops windows, enjoying each other's company.

LS Man and woman watching a street performer. The shot is taken from behind/side of the performer, facing the couple. There are many people who have also stopped to watch the performer.

EXT: Restaurant
Two shot. Couple facing each other talking, enjoying each other’s company . Shot zooms out to street to show that they are eating in a restaurant.

CU of woman in restaurant smiling.

CU of man in restaurant smiling.

MCU of woman looking down at her watch.

CU of watch on her wrist showing the time to be 5:00 p.m.
Man VO

CU of woman looking up, sad, knowing that their time together is almost over.

CU of man sadly nodding back at her, knowing that they have to leave.

LS shot from front. Man and woman and woman walking along the cobblestone, leaving Faneuil Hall.
Man VO

EXT: South Station
ELS of South Station.

Zoom in Train platform-Man and woman saying their goodbyes.

CU of man, in foreground, from behind watching woman, in background, boarding the train.

Mid shot of woman looking out train window. She is smiling but looks sad because she is leaving.

POV of woman Mid shot of man looking back at her. Zoom out to give the illusion that the train is departing.
Man VO

Shot List

1)ext ELS
2)int MLU of man
3)POV of man
4)MCU of man
5)POV of man
6)MCU of woman
7)LS of man and woman
8)MLS (rear view) of man and woman
9)CU two shot of man and woman
10)LS rear view
11)ELS of Faneuil Halll
12)LS man and woman walking
13)LS of man and woman
14)ext two shot zoom out of man and woman
15) Cu of woman
16)CU of man
17)MCU of woman
18)CU of woman's watch
19)CU of woman
20)CU of man
21)LS from front of man and woman
22)ELS of South Station
23)Zoom in train platform
24)CU of man, woman in background
25)mid shot of woman
26)POV of woman

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Storyboard, scripts and shot list - Nat Paosong



EXT: Downtown Boston in 19th century

A girl is walking on an 18th or 19th century street with a detective who is her mentor, old buildings and small stores are straight lay down both side of the street.

"It's getting dark, we better hurry up before he get away"

A girl
"Yes i think he is still around"

EXT: In front of coffee shop

A pair of gray eyes are staring them. suddenly her mentor took his pistol and shot to it, at the same time, a thin wood-made sharp stick inserted the mentor’s head and they both dead.
After seeing that, a girl was quiet sitting next to her mentor without tears. She remembered they were here to catch an underwear thief.

EXT: On the side of the street

A girl saw a pair of shoes stopped in front of her; she lifted her head up to look.

A girl
"Are you Sherlock Holmes!!!"

Sherlock Holmes
"Yes, I'm here to investigate. Let's get on my britzka and talk about what
was happening."

EXT: On britzka with Sherlock Holmes

While they were talking about the crime. A girl was hit by a stone and she fainted away.

Sherlock Holmes
"So the detective pulled out his gun and shot the other guy? LOOK OUT!!!!

A girl

She woke up very soon in a motorbike withfour wheels; She only could open one eye and driving
in a dark path, which is toward to car maintenance store,

EXT: Car maintenance store

She stopped the motor and went in, saw three fancy, clean, bright rooms with sunshine, She was invited
to come in, she chose the room with a huge bed, went to the bed, lay and fell asleep.

Shot list

1) WS - 2 dead men on the ground
2) POV - A detective and a girl are walking in downtown
3) CU - A pair of scary gray eyes
4) OTS - Detective and a mastery guy are fighting
5) MS - both men are dead
6) MS - A girl is crying next to the dead body
7) ECU - A pair of boots
8) EWS - Sherlock and a girl is on britzka
9) POV - A girl fell on the ground
10) OTS - A girl on the 4 wheeler
11) MS - Car maintenance shops
12) MCU - A girl is sleeping on a bed