Thursday, October 7, 2010

Assignment 4 - Narrative

I would like everyone to take their sound bytes and to write their treatment. Thank you for the sample to go by.  (Treatment Sample)

This is going to be a 1-3 minute video in the end, so think about what you are going to be doing with this.
Think about how you will be putting it together and the idea you have from the main story line.

Please post this to the blog.

Please use "Assignment 4, Dream Treatment" for the labels. (As this is posted.)

I will be assigning each person's dream here.

Student - Assigned sound byte for the project:
  • Canavan- Goldstein
  • Erwin- Sun
  • Huang-  Kane
  • Kane - Huang
  • Likhitthaworn - Khan
  • Qin- Canavan
  • Goldenstein- Qin
  • Paosong - Xiao
  • Xiao  Likhitthaworn
  • Khan - Erwin 
  • Sun - Paosong

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