Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dream Script- Lauren


Hundreds of people packed in the club excited about the act they are watching on the stage. Some are cheering with their hands up, others swaying or jumping. We move through the crowd to the front of the stage to see what it is everyone is watching.

On the stage stands a tall, thin man named MAX. He is alone onstage and has a bicycle by his side. The bike is a beaten up and black. He looks around and into the crowd seemingly confused as to what he is doing there. A spotlight shines in his face making it hard for him to see the full audience.

Max gets on his bike and starts riding around the stage. The scene changes from live action to animation as Max and his bike start flipping around doing tricks.

Max is now back in live form sitting on his bike staring ahead into the light and into the crowd.

What are you doing here?

Max hears the muffled voice and turns his head. It's his friend LUCY.

What are you doing here? It's terrible.
We're gonna be late for the class. Let's go.

Max is confused why Lucy's voice has been replaced by a man's voice so he closes his eyes.


Max has his head down on the desk, apparently sleeping. An arm is on his shoulder shoving him to wake up. It's Lucy.
Let's go. We're gonna be late for class.

Max slowly comes to then realizing he fell asleep in class, again, snaps his head up. Lucy's voice is back to normal.

You might want to start sitting in the back.
And check the drool (gestures to her mouth).

Lucy walks towards the door. Max quickly wipes his mouth and grabs his bag. They head out of the classroom.


Let's try to grab some food. I'm starving.

They begin to walk down the hall.

Oh I need to get my bike (looks around).
What bike? You don't have a bike, buddy.
We walked to class together.


They continue to walk down the hall away getting further and further away. The camera pans over to the left where the beaten, black bike is leaning against the wall.

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