Thursday, October 21, 2010

Script,dream tour

Dream tour
by Yibiao

Kane was driving, we saw it from the inside of the car, back from the chair. She drived for a long time(like 40 or 60 seconds in the timeline so long to make the audience feel bored). Then she stopped, walking out of the car. We can see the bridge as a background. She kept walking until the edge of the bridge. She was watching the sight in front of her. Then the background was twisting and change to a wasteland(wired background music, and mist spreading). Every where is like in the video game Fallout. The bridge was still there, but it was very crashed form. She didn't know what to do so she just walked. She saw someone then she ask him. She keep walking until she saw a river(the river is dark and full of something strange). Two men came, and put her in a raft. She travelled along the river. Along the river side, there are very strange animal and thing keep bouncing. At last she came to a cliff, the raft fall. She screamed and fall of. Then She waked up

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