Thursday, October 14, 2010

Treament- Lauren

Slow motion, foggy lens, surreal video in color and black and white.

Showing how fear manifests itself in the strangest of ways.

A man is on stage as the main event for a live crazy concert audience. He is to perform tricks on his beaten up black bike except he knows no tricks. The spot lights are so bright in his eyes that he can't see the audience and is confused and sweating. His friend joins him on stage and asks what he's doing. We close up on the friend who asks what he's doing again and it's revealed that they are now in a classroom and the friend is shaking the man out of a daze. They are the last two in the class and they leave. Outside the room, he asks the friend where his bike is since he left it outside before class. She tells him he doesn't have a bike. Fade to black on the man's confused face.

Technical aspects
I'm planning on using stock footage of the concert crowd and manipulating it a bit. I will shoot the rest of the scenes on video using the stage location and classroom and two actors. I'll edit in Final Cut.

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