Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Treatment from Natthaphol

I will use Flash to make a cartoonish-style animation.

It's from Naveen' dream. I might add something funny to it.
the theme is going to be sort of colorful adventurous trip. He and his wife will go along the trip together.

It's all about the trip. So, the characters will travel around the world map until they reach their destination (Taj Mahal and Niagara falls). Their would be some funny obstacles for example encountering a shark/crocodile while they're traveling in the sea something like that to keep the audience's attention. I will use Zoom in/Zoom out shot when they meet some event. Once they get to their target. i will use some pictures of that place and the characters will do some interaction with it.
I will add a classical music playing along and put some of Naveen speech together

Technical Considerations:
I will mainly use Flash for entire clip and Animation parts as well.
once it finish, i will move on to soundtrack pro to add music and sound FX.
combine it together with Final cut.
and might use After Effect in addition.

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