Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Treatment, Chuan

Style: based on what I heard from Michael, I will shoot a short film about his dream.


Dream of Red Sox.


Start with a small group people looking for the tickets of Red Sox game, they are really want to find some cheap tickets. After several search like looking online they decide to go to the Fenway Park to find tickets. A man sell some tickets to them, but it is very expensive almost 200 dollars each ticket. They are very happy, they buy some beers and snacks for the game. However, after they get into the park, they find out those tickets they just bought were fake tickets. Of course they don’t believe at first, so they arguing with the man who should sit it that seat. Unfortunately, the cops come to the park, and they have to leave the game. When they get home the game already done. So they did not see it at all.


I will divide this short video into three parts. In these three parts I will use different sound effects to present the emotions. And using different types of shoot to present the background.

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