Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Assignment 4: Treatment -- Yao Xiao


Project Title: My ideal life in village


Dream Maker: Yao Xiao

Date: Oct 13th, 2010


Based on the dream I listened, I decided to use several stop motion videos and/ or sets of pictures to produce an animation or comic books in a cartoon style.

Central Theme:

After hearing NAT’s dream, the central theme of his dream expresses his ideal life in a small village far from city and with few villagers, and he is also one of them, like any other villagers, he owned a simple but happy life with his wife and children.


In order to emphasize the feeling “simple” and “happy”, I am going to use some symbol to stand for it, such as bright orange warm sunshine, white clouds, vast pasture, farm, etc. For the first scene, I am going to shoot a window with sunshine comes in, then camera zoom in the window and go trough the window to outside, the camera gives a general view from high place, the scene is a green vast pasture, some farmers are in the farm but small like a dot, some moving white dots are sheep, some farmhouses are build on the green pasture, some black dots are moving which stand for villagers. The camera gives a very low angle from the grass and move fast forward till a horse leg comes into the scene, camera tile up and the audiences see a smiled young boy is riding a horse on the green pasture, his Scottish collie is following and running with him, the camera zoom in to the dog, slowly out of focus, the scene becomes white. Zooming out from the white and focusing to the dog, it is running after some white fat fuzzy sheep far away, camera pans to left, the young boy is laying on the grass, some musical notes come out from his mouth, pan from his feet to his head, his hair is moving by wind, then, camera pans from his head to left, some cows are eating the grass. The next scene is the sun is setting, the clouds are colored in orange, camera moves down to the ground and a young boy is walking toward to a farmhouse, camera is following behind him. In a farmhouse, a woman is cooking and children are playing around the dinning table, seeing through the window, that young boy is walking back here.

Technical Considerations:

To complete this dream stop motion animation or comic book, I would like to use some software such as Final Cut Pro for videos, as well iMovie for photos. Also, I will think about to add some soundtrack to the animation, if do so, Soundtrack Pro will be used as well.

Based on the theme of this dream, all scenes will be slower than usual scenes to emphasize the quiet and slow paced life.

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