Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BHCC Artists' Book Gallery Review -- Yao

It was my first time to watch a book gallery, I expected what I would see then. It was a small gallery with glass walls, all various of books or pieces of artworks lay on the shelves and desks quietly.
I was surprised by the creative and the inspirations the artists had, when I was touching the
pages, watching the color and the words, I was keeping thinking one question: how they did it!

This is the first artwork I was really interested in. For the first sight, it really looked
like Chinese bamboo slip because of the shape and the weight, also because it looked very old. After I took it out from the paper felt box I found it was created by wood rulers and threaded with a thin hemp rope. On each ruler, there was some pattern and words, recorded some changes, plants and animals.
If a book could be called a good book, it must be harmonic from inside to outsi
de, this book represented this point well. I noticed the box, it also contained some history, some colored pen drawing, piece of old map and some route line.

For the second one, I would choose this "waved" and "curled" book, I watched it from further and found this looked like some building gather around, came closer, I can say it showed the transformation and the stop motion from some point. When I tried to explore what the picture was in the left green one, it was transforming from light to dark, when I looked at its outside, I saw it transformed from green to city view, I think this book wants to represent a thought that both nature and human can be exited well, no matter it is natural or artificial. When I pay attention to the car one on the right, the car seemed drive from the right page to the left, and the road is waved, the pillars and the windows were the scene the car passed by.

And the last one I want to show is this fragile one. There were only a few pages threaded by waxed line, each page had two thin pages stick together. I read the content in the book, it said the paper is waxed, the pattern bees are provided by a person, and the paper produced by another person, the words also told me how the bees work, corporate, and communicate with each other, this book praised bees, the words are warm, kind as the color of the page, and the soft of the wax.

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