Wednesday, October 27, 2010

script - Anne Kane

EXT: Campus Day

The dreamer is walking across campus and everything is blurry. There is a mist in the air and nothing is in focus. The shots are all POV of the dreamer unless indicated otherwise. A long shot shows the campus and shows people walking by not paying attention to the dreamer. The dreamer looks at his feet and hands in close-up shots.

Two 360 degree shots, one POV and the other reversed showing the dreamer build tension and confusion. Someone bumps into the dreamer but continues walking away without an acknowledgement. A friend of the dreamer stops to talk.


Hi, do you feel how strange it is out here today? I feel like I'm not even here.

I think you need to get some sleep man.

Dreamer stands still as friend A walks away. The dreamer then reaches out to touch the shoulder of a passer-by. The passerby turns around and gives the dreamer a weird look then walks away. Dreamer then walks into a wall. Fade to black.

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