Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Title: Please Wake Me Up
Date: October 13
Dream and Voice: Chuan
Producer: Joel Goldenstein


I would try to represent Chuan's dream through a cartoonish style animation

Central Theme

The wacky adventures of Chuan dream


Chuan sitting in front of his computer when suddenly spiders start appearing all over the machine, Chuan gets very nervous and start hitting them just to realize that he has broken his computer, suddenly he appears in a bus station , he goes into some bus with a unknown destination, however during the trip he starts to see animals along the way, there where monkeys, tigers pigs. Without knowing how, he finds himself in front of the driving wheel of a car, he looks up just to realize that there was a man flying just in front of the car, and after a cordial hello he invited Chuan to fly with him, he very nervous declines the invitation and then after a while he crashes, thank god he is alright, he get out of the car and stat walking to finally arrive to a house.

Technical Considerations

For this dream I will use a cartoon creation software (ex. ToonDoo, Cartoon creator) if none of this help me achieve the look and feel I am looking I will use print screens created with Sketchup and later on exported to imovie or Adobe Premier, I am planning on adding some sounds to support the story probably some sound effects and maybe some background sound.

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