Thursday, September 30, 2010

Artist Book Show Bunker Hill Community College Gallery

Artist's Book Show

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We are located at the Community College stop on the MBTA Orange Line. For more information on transit schedules, contact the MBTA at 617-222-3200 or visit
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Stop Motion example- Human Tetris

Assignment 2- Lauren

Assignment 2 - Max

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 - Natthaphol

hello everybody,

This is my Assignment 2
I used Photoshop to desaturate the picture then add sky, car, people and trees.
After that used Flash to create transition between night and day.
Hopes everyone like it.

P.S. i don't know why my uploaded file become very low resolution

summary animation

Stop motion animation

Western Spaghetti by PES

Assignment 2 - Michael Canavan


Assignment 2 - Annie Kane

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Assignment 2 stop motion-- Yao

Assignment 2---stop motion.avi by Chuan

i made this seems like stop motion today. i am not good at photoshop, so i don't make any change of the original pictures. bty, I tried to use it today, but the result is... i think you knows. HAHA
Anyways, i took these pictures earlier this morning, and made a short slides show of it. hopefully this won't disturb you.

The Original Human PAC-MAN Performance by Guillaume Reymond

I saw this video several days ago. I like the sound effect they made through human's voice. It's so cool.


Sharing 01 by Yu Sun (Max)

I really love the picture built in the movie, which is displayed in big pixels.

Lego "CL!CK"

Sharing 01 by Yu Sun (Max)

I saw this short movie couple of month ago, I think it is a stop motion film. I love it because its storyline is so creative. Along with the VFX and SFX, and every childhood Lego, the audience could get into the movie easily.

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

I watched this some time ago, but when I watch this now, I still think it is amazing.

Assignment # 2(collage) - Nat Paosong

Base on the fact that drinking alcohol tend to change people behavior by bringing out their dark side. People tend to misbehave when they are drunk. So I try to exaggerate the fact by turning my drunk friends into demons to depict that alcohol can really change people.

Assignment 2 idea - Lauren

I would like to use a series of close ups on objects that create the demise of the biker. It works in my mind. If only photoshop would coordinate with me.

classic stop motion animation-- Wallace & Gromit

Game Over by PES

A breif History of communication

Ideas for Transformation - Michael Canavan

I'm thinking of showing all the work that went into making my photo of a Naturalization ceremony possible. I will show things that the participants had to do to be eligible to become an American.

Monarch butterfly metamorphosis - Michael Canavan

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

assignment 2

stop motion

It's just a simple and ugly stop motion, i don't know how to make an artist's book, so i made the video. also i am not good at photoshop.

anyways, hopefully i can make another one before class.

I found some great examples of transition today

So you can see some examples and have some additional ideas.

© 2008 Tres jolie Studios "my weekend of seafood indulgence" (

© Tres jolie Studios "one day i ate a sandwich" (

Monday, September 27, 2010


Do not forget to respond and discuss others' input also. Remember this is interactive.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

DEADLINE post-it stop motion - Nat Paosong

Starting with my first picture, I feel like I will do something with the sun. Maybe have it changing gradually from a sun to a moon with the sky turning to black. Then do something with the moon, like full moon, eclipse. Also, because the view point is outside the airport. Maybe I'll add a airplane flying up and down, or a UFO spinning there. I am considering using Flash as the tool.

Idea of Assignment 2 --Yao

Based on my first assignment, it is a boy who is running with his exhausted body.
The story is the boy falls down, his head separates from his body and start rolling, the head become to a bowling, hit some bowling pin which is made of trees, the head pops up finally become the earth.
It is just a idea,
just a idea,
a idea,

Assignment # 2 ideas

since i posted a picture of my friend drinking for assignment #1, so i'll make a collage from my assignment #1 pic and integrate some images of the end results of over drinking.

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

I would like to shoot a group of photos to create a stop motion movie, the story is about the character who is carry his black bag and walking on the street , suddenly his bag jump off his shoulder and run away. So he begin to chase his black bag , after long time chasing his bag stop by a red bag. (Maybe his black bag fall in love with his red bag...)

Ideas for the Transformation of Mother Nature NAVEEN KHAN

I would like to include elements viz. birds,squirrels etc into the image of the Fall. Finally as a sequence of the Fall fading out, a gradual change of the Winters with trees becoming totally barren and snow covering the trees. An eerie silence would prevail in the winters and heaps of snow gradually melting on the side ways.

Assignment #2 Expectations

Im hoping to use some filters in photoshop and try to create a collague or try to incorporate some flash movements to the pic

Light Warfare

Assignment 2 - Due September 30

1. Create an assemblage of your images in one of the following formats:
  • Collage or multiple image composition(s)
  • Book (artist's book or not)
  • Presentation (slide show)
  • Surprise me!
2. Begin tagging your assignments with the proper labels.
3. Find examples of dynamic imagery and artwork and post it. Relating to transition and the examples that  we looked at in class. Respond and discuss other's input also.“‘

Human Skateboard

Stop Motion Animation

I found this interesting animation from youtube. It was created by Kristofer Ström of Ljubilden & Piloten.

Notice that the stop-motion animation is made entirely with whiteboard! He just took a photo for each modification, there's no need to redraw each frame. The music is from Minilogue's track of "Hitchhiker's choice." I think not only the hand-drawings on the whiteboard have blown people away, but also the music puts souls into the characters in terms of selected tempo as well as techno music elements. Pretty cool stuff!

On Gregory Crewdson

As you prepare to extend your single composed images to five image sequences, check out this slideshow from a recent shoot by Gregory Crewdson. Crewdson is notorious for large-scale expensive shoots that result in a single image.

Transformation - Annie Kane

This photo was taken at Revere Beach at sunset. The transformation is from land, to ocean, to sky. It is also transforming from day to evening. It can also work as the tide transitions from high to low.

Self Introduction - Annie Kane

I am currently pursuing my Masters in Digital Media with a concentration in 3D animation. This is my second year in the program. Something that is not known about me is that I am adopted. I have three siblings that I have never met.


Hi everyone, I am Yibiao. Current focus on animation. New semester starts. A lot of classes, but it is good to join the group.
I toke this picture while I was waiting for the whale watching boat. It was 7:00 am in the morning. the transformation of the water is really amazing...... it is good place to go,
I can remember the smell of the sea......
Anyway, hope we have great time this semester and enjoy the class!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Transformation- Lauren Ewin

I caught this shot on the Minute Man bike trail in Arlington. I took a bunch of shots of various bikers and runners from different angles and points of view, and where as there were others that were more conventionally prettier i think the perspective on this is the most interesting. The idea of transformation can be seen literally, the biker is traveling from one place to the next, and it can also be seen as the body transforming to be healthier and stronger. The stop sign and the arrow also pose conflicting views. Lastly, the picture was taken on the first day of fall, which is a transforming time in itself.

Self Introduction -- Yao

Hello everyone, my name is Yao Xiao, from China, Beijing. This is my second year in Northeastern, my specialization is digital video. I got my bachelor degree in China, and my major was journalism.

It was a sunny day, around 5pm, this boy has been running for at least five laps, before that, he just finished his football training with his teammates, he was exhausted already, it seems each step he took is the last one... I guessed he will fall down in the next second, this moment is between his took his last step and he fell down.

About me... Lauren Erwin

Hi all I'm Lauren Erwin and I'm just over halfway done with my Digital Video/ 3D Animation MPS. I work as a corporate videographer for a living and create documentaries in my spare time with a group in Cambridge. Along with documentaries, digital editing and motion graphics are what interest me most as far as dream jobs go. When I'm not working and going to class i spend most of my time listening to music and playing guitar. I really just love being creative mostly. I just came back from a trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley and could now see myself on the West Coast!

Nat Paosong Self - Introduction

Hello everyone, My name is thitiphan but you can call me Nat. I'm from Thailand, a Country in south-east Asia. Anyway, I'm in MPS in Digital Media and my speciallization is Intereactive Design. I used to work in an advertising agency back home in Thailand. Now, I live in Allston with my friends and I like it here so far.

Tranformation - Nat Paosong

This picture was taken at my friend house in Allston. It was my friend's birth day and we were drinking some beers and whiskey. This picture tells us that they had been drinking for several hours. there are many empty cans and the whiskey is almost gone. As we can see in this picture, ices were melting in to cold water and alcohol had changed their beheavior.

Transformation- Michael Canavan

I took this photo at my wife's naturalization ceremony at Fenway Park. I think this is a nice tranformation photo because it shows people from different countries all over the world transforming into American citizens. I wanted my wife to be in the photo but not pose. I wanted to get her experiencing the moment. I was going for the effect that the view from the camera was the view from a participant in the stands.

Self Introduction- Michael Canavan

My name is Michael Canavan. I am working toward my Masters in Digital Media, specializing in Interactive Design. I have worked in different positions from Graphic/Web Designer to Audio/ Video Editor. Aside from Digital Media, I like to read, play golf and travel. I am also studying the Spanish language. I'm at the intermediate level now but would like to improve before my trip to Ecuador next February.

Transformation - Nat

I took this picture I think on last winter while I was walking to my apartment. I felt strange right away because it was about just 11pm. no people walking, no cars driving, no train. not even a single blow of the wind. I heard only silences. It's completely quiet. This was not the place it used to be. As if the road is guiding to the mysterious place in the darkness. City were covered by shadows. It's like the city was transforming into the place in horror movie. It's not obvious show the transitions between night-day or day-night but it's just my feeling at that time.

Self Introduction - Nat

Hello everybody, my name is Natthaphol Likhitthaworn. I know it's hard to read and pronounce my name so, call me Nat for short.
I am from Thailand. I am an Electrical Engineer but never have working experiences because I came here almost immediately after finished my bachelor. I am doing Master Degree in Digital Media Program.
My specialization is 3D Animation. I am sort of shy person but for the thing you wouldn't guess about me is, I like soccer even though my appearance is not that athletic guy.
and I also like singing as a secondary favorite. please, don't ask me to show because i'm gonna be shy ;) .

Transformation- Mother Nature by Naveen Khan

The four seasons in Boston moves fast with different colors and smells. Little do I realize that we are already into Fall. Time flies… I remember few years ago I was too busy to smell the flowers and enjoy the different colors. The seasons move gently blending their colors and smells that tantalizes my senses. How can I miss the amazing orchestration that unfolds before my eyes. I appreciate the splendor that nature has decided to bestow upon us each year. I opened my eyes wide and alert, to detect even the slightest change that Mother Nature makes to the flora and fauna around us. The autumn is one of the best of nature's examples on the transformation of seasons - Summer to Fall. To me, Fall is like a beautiful warning, a glimpse of the future that is winter. I tried to convey the beauty of Mother Nature with the transformation of Summer into Fall. Mother Nature manifests itself to show her hidden beauty before it blankets us with the cover of snow. Fall has started but the mystery of nature is yet not unlocked fully. This snap is a collection from the last year while I clicked some near my home.

Self Introduction--Naveen Khan

I am Naveen Khan, originally from New Delhi, India. My background is Electronics Engineering. Professionally, I am a Television Broadcast Engineer having worked in various academic organizations as well as News channels. I came to Boston in 2009 to pursue my Masters program in Digital Media. My specialization is animation. My hobbies include reading, watching television (Discovery channel, National Geographic etc.) and cooking Indian dishes. I believe that every individual is born with some degree of creativity and a mentor plays an important role in stimulating it. I wish to expand my horizons professionally and have a strong desire to explore every concept of Media Technology.

Transformation: Max (Yu Sun)

I didn't come to class last Thursday because some family issues back in China, so the picture I took was the day I left Beijing. When I was standing outside the airport waiting for my father, I was deeply attracted by this beautiful view of sunset, and I realized this scenario contained multiple layers of meaning, in terms of "Transformation". First, it is obvious the transition between day and night. Second, the air pollution was so terrible in Beijing before 2008, it is very hard to have a clear sky, even this beautiful orange sunset clouds, but this summer holiday I found it very common to get blue skies and good weathers. Lastly, it means I have to leave home again to the place where I am pursuing my dream, inside of me, I know very well that I am going to loose something and gain some other things. I love photography, but not that professional, so I was try my best to make it looks pro.

Assignment 1 , Max(Yu Sun)

Hi everyone, I am Yu Sun, but I prefer Max which is easier for you to remember, I am conducting my masters in Digital Media and I am concentrating on Digital Video. For the things you wouldn't know about me, I have to admit I was once a computer guy sitting in front of a computer, designing logical circuits, coding interface software. Then I got into this Digital Media area with tons of new concept that I have never heard before. But now, I realize, this area is the place I want to dedicate myself into.
By the way, due to some family issues, I couldn't get the chance to take the first week's class, hope that I didn't miss so much useful information.


I took this picture near my house. Honestly I am not quite understand transformation, For me, I think in this photo these two mallards are just landing on the water. I think this photo gives me the information that the two mallards flying from the sky to the water, and the other mallards are relaxing in the water. This is the original photo that i took yesterday, i am not good at editing photos, so if it has some problems,please tell me.

Assignment 1 , Chuan

Hello everybody, my name is Chuan, I am Chinese. I am studying Digital Media, and my specialization is Digital Video. I was a journalism before i came to America. For the things you wouldn't know about me, I think that might be I have no idea about photography. This is my first time to use a professional camera which is a Nikon D3000. I just bought it last week, even though I don't know the function of each button in that camera. Hopefully i will get familiar with it soon.

Transformation - Goldenstein

Let me start by saying that I don't think this is an original picture, I am not even sure its well composed, but from the ones I took is the one that transmits the most (at least for me), I believe this is mostly because of the content and the relationship that I have with this place. I love this spot, I tend to go there many many times a year, since I got here almost 7 years ago. So for me this picture represents not only transformation from day to night, or from season to season (since I have seen this place during all times of the year) but mostly transformation in my live, the transformation of my self. In this place I always remember who I was 7 years ago when I just left my country, how I felt then and how I feel now, where my life was and where is now.

Assignment 1 - Goldenstein

Hello everyone, my name is Joel Goldenstein I am doing my masters in Digital Media and my specialization is management. I love outdoor activities, for the things you wouldn't guess about myself, uhmm I can tell you I practice Krav Maga which is a self defense technique that not too many people know, I love buildind and racing R/C trucks and like very much sculpting in clay.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Transformation - Neville

here is my added transformation image.
Pearblossom Highway, 11th-18th April 1986, photographic collage, 77x112 1/2 in.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Assignment 1 - Due September 23

1. Sign onto class blog -- Tell us something about yourself you do not think anyone would guess about you in this class on this post to confirm that you are "connected"

2. Read through the following Navy manual (yes!) -- on image composition. It's many pages, but can be skimmed through pretty quickly.

3. Create a (single) composed photograph based on the theme of 'transformation'. Create a new, original work -- Something original to this class, original to you and yes.... original.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


This is the class blog for Time-Based Media, Fall 2010. The class syllabus is available here.