Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Script - Nat Paosong

EXT: Downtown Boston in 19th century

A girl is walking on an 18th or 19th century street with a detective who is her mentor, old buildings and small stores are straight lay down both side of the street.

"It's getting dark, we better hurry up before he get away"

A girl
"Yes i think he is still around"

EXT: In front of coffee shop

A pair of gray eyes are staring them. suddenly her mentor took his pistol and shot to it, at the same time, a thin wood-made sharp stick inserted the mentor’s head and they both dead.
After seeing that, a girl was quiet sitting next to her mentor without tears. She remembered they were here to catch an underwear thief.

EXT: On the side of the street

A girl saw a pair of shoes stopped in front of her; she lifted her head up to look.

A girl
"Are you Sherlock Holmes!!!"

Sherlock Holmes
"Yes, I'm here to investigate. Let's get on my britzka and talk about what
was happening."

EXT: On britzka with Sherlock Holmes

While they were talking about the crime. A girl was hit by a stone and she fainted away.
She woke up very soon in a motorbike withfour wheels; She only could open one eye and driving
in a dark path, which is toward to car maintenance store,

EXT: Car maintenance store

She stopped the motor and went in, saw three fancy, clean, bright rooms with sunshine, She was invited
to come in, she chose the room with a huge bed, went to the bed, lay and fell asleep.

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