Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dream Treatment from Naveen Khan

Title: Lost in Time
Date:14 October'2010
Erwin's Dream
Style: This presentation would be done through a series of still images, which will be paced alongwith the narration of Erwin.
Central Theme:It would consisit of the point of view of the Protagonist who seems to be lost in every scene, which would be well established in space.There would be shots to establish the Protagonist in the environment/space, and other characters. The focus would keep shifting between the point of view of the Protagonist and with him in the frame.

Plot: While listening to the narration and finalizing my scripts/treatment, I had to remove all the pauses and re-pace the entire narration. It would start with the establishing shots from the Protagonist's perspective by populating the classroom and having close ups etc. As the scenario builds up, there would be a change of environment from realistic to a dream sequence. The details spelled out during the narration would be depicted well with images and as the dream gets over, the environment would come back again to the classroom. The Central theme is based upon wandering and trying to figure out the space, so music would be quite supportive to emphasize the emotion being described.

Technical considerations: I would be using Google Sketch to build the environment apart from other images acquired from the web.Once I have set designed on the sketch, I will extract frames on the Google Sketch and compose them in Final Cut Pro and use Sound track Pro to compose the Background score.

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