Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Momento review - Nat Paosong

In my opinion, Momento is a nice film in term of story sequence and film production.This film is often used to show the different between plot and story. The movie's events was show in two separate way, one in color, and the other in black and white to give some sense of the past time or imaginary scenes. The black and white sections are told in order, showing the main charactor conversing with an unknown phone caller in his motel room. Leonard's investigation is show in color. The color sequences are in the reverse order. As each color sequence begins, the audience does not know the preceding events which give us a sense of his confusion and his bad memory. However, i think the storyline itself isn't that good. Although the movie was nicely made to confuse the audiences, I could predict the end. When i watched this movie, i thought to myself that the old short memory man was Leonard' imagination. Therefore, when the movie show that his wife was killed by himself. I predicted that Leonard kill his own wife. Nevertheless, The film production was very nice, each scenes was shot in many different views and techniques. The actors and actresses in the film was very professional. So overall i think this movie is worth to watch.

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  1. Are you SURE that is who killed his wife? What proves it?