Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Frances Stark Review - Anne Kane

I enjoyed viewing the work of Frances Stark at the MIT List Gallery. Her work is mainly collages. She seems to also like to use black and white stripes which really stands out. I like the fact that she uses multiple materials. She uses fabric and magazine cutouts as well as a shiny metallic texture. She also uses a lot of text that sometimes spells out words and sometimes does not.

Her work is somewhat technically simplistic compared to other artists. However simple is not a bad thing. I learned that she was also a writer and a poet. This explains her broad use of text and the written word in her work.

Her use of collage is multilayered and the parts create a whole. I equally enjoyed her pieces that were in black and white as well as color. Some of my favorite pieces were the peacock, the metallic dresser near the beginning of the gallery and the 3D telephone made of black fabric near the end.

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