Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Final - Scripts, Shot lists, Storyboard - Natthaphol


1. Int. MLS of Naveen and his wife discussing in his house about a Taj Mahal trip.
2. Int. Camera Crab Left and Dolly in to the door.
3. Ext. POV as Character driving a car heading to airport. Naveen and wife immediately get tickets and heading to airport
4. Ext. XLS of scene Airplane taking off and flying away from the city.
5. Ext. LS of Airplane flying during clear sky day time. Then background fade in to stormy night time. After that, fast cut between airplane and UFO untill them crash. Camera shaking during crash scene.
6. Ext. LS of Airplane falling down.
7. Ext. LS of Naveen and his wife leaving the plane and getting to isolated island in the mid of the sea.
8. Ext. MS of UFO coming.(Low Angle Camera) After landing, Alien come out and apologize Naveen and wife. Alien decide to take them along and deliver them to their destination .
9. Ext. XLS of Taj Mahal scene.
10. Ext. MS of Naveen and his wife get to Taj Mahal. Camera dollying and happy ending.


1. MLS of Characters.
2. MLS of the door.
3. POV of Man.
4. XLS of Airplane.
5. LS of Airplane.
6. LS of Airplane.
7. LS of Characters.
8. MS of UFO.
9. XLS of Taj Mahal.
10. MS of Characters.



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