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Frances Stark gallery review -- Yao

Frances Stark gallery review

Date: Nov. 12th, 2010

Class: Time-Based Media

Name: Yao Xiao

I went to the gallery yesterday and the building is easy to find out. Except the Frances Stark show, there were some other good shows some days ago, I feel regret to miss those shows. When I walked into the building, I noticed we are not allowed to take photos (but I still took some), even can not stand too close to the pictures (before I wore my glasses on), I felt so lucky I took my glasses with me, so that I can saw clearly how the artist did it even though the pictures are huge…

The first impression the gallery gives me is collages, almost all the art works are huge collages with some drawing on, thy are hang on the white walls in a very big and clean room, it makes the collages very outstanding and clean. After appreciating all the artistic works and reading the notes beside each ones, I found the artist selected varieties of materials as media, such as rice paper which used the most, plastic, cloth, newspaper, magazine, rope, polyester and so on. The combination of materials gives the collage different weight and layers, so that the theme of the picture could be spread better than only one material does. Between the dozens of collages, I have strong impression on three of them.

Frances Stark, Push, 2006
Latex, printed matter, linen tape and stickers on panel
Courtesy of Marc Foxx, Los Angeles.

The first one is this collage called “push”, in this picture, a door is open and tons of unknown stuff flying through the door. In my opinion, it is talking about peoples’ life in nowadays, since computer era came into human’s society, our life is full filled with emails, advertisements and software. Everyday before people push the office door, those emails, advertisements are already waiting there and cannot wait to pull you into the endless world till the day end. Seeing the picture carefully, the colorful stripe is stretching from the left side of the picture to the door handle. It means since the moment people touch the door handle it turns the switch on, a day with computer started.

The second one it this “tree”, the tree trunk is made of letters, the tree leaves and braches are made of letters and birds, from tree trunk to bird, artist used letters transformed to birds naturally, it is a imagery about people’s thought, thoughts are diverging and wide, every tiny thought may becomes a bright idea or invention, it is hard to detect like flying birds, no one knows where the birds is flying to in the next second.

For the last one I want to talk about, it is because it dimensions unlike other collages, it is a people-shaped model in black dress with an old phone’s dial plate stick on it. People are like a telephone, a connector or a speaker, as the telephone receives messages, news and sounds it also spread out to the other. In society, people are sources, recipients and media for others, like telephones’ wire lines (on the back of the model) tie each other together and sew them into a net, visible or not.

As for art, different people thinks in his way, maybe what I felt is not the idea the artist wanted to express, but this is my opinion on the art works.

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