Monday, November 15, 2010

Frances Stark Exhibition - Natthaphol

I once thought that arts have to be only drawing or well-composed photograph but after i went to see the exhibition which what i thought it's real art, I surprisingly realized that anything, any medium can be arts.

In general, arts which were brought to show in the museum were mixed-medium arts. For example, a piece of cloth, paper, texts and as well as drawing.. The interesting point were how does she put those medium together to represent the message that being implied within the artwork.

her artworks ranging from text patterns, cut-paste paper, mixed medium to a dressed-doll.
One of her artwork that i really liked was an artwork named "and also another one at the same time, not". It's repeated phrase "and also another one at the same time, not" drew by ink (i guess).

There were a number of that phrase at the bottom and transitioning into birds but when you're looking at the big picture, you will see it looks like a dense forest and bird in the sky. A text repetitions and variety made a nicely movements. That piece of art really amazed me.
Another artwork that i liked is, "If conceited girls want to show they have a seat". It was a drawing of a little girl in the background acted like she is proudly showing a chair. Foreground was a piece of black and white stripe cloth(i don't remember exactly). It was attached to its background acting like she uses it to cover her face. This help a lot in making 3-dimension feeling.

There are a lot of artworks that i haven't mentioned but actually i like every pieces of those. I really would like to deeply understand what she is telling us in her artwork but i'm currently having a limited proficiency in English... . Some of her artworks contain a poetic meaning such as "Becoming Modestly" and "Modestly Becoming" which were a white-painted girl hiding behind big butterfly with black stripe theme on its wings. Respectively, a black-painted girl hiding behind big butterfly with white stripe them on its wings. Both butterfly facing each other like a mirror sort of. I honestly didn't understand but it's beautiful.

I got a lot of thoughts/ideas in my head after visit the museum and i think everyone is the same, right? It also broaden my vision out further more in term of art and creativity. So, Just keep thinking outside of the box!! people!!

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