Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Transformation: Max (Yu Sun)

I didn't come to class last Thursday because some family issues back in China, so the picture I took was the day I left Beijing. When I was standing outside the airport waiting for my father, I was deeply attracted by this beautiful view of sunset, and I realized this scenario contained multiple layers of meaning, in terms of "Transformation". First, it is obvious the transition between day and night. Second, the air pollution was so terrible in Beijing before 2008, it is very hard to have a clear sky, even this beautiful orange sunset clouds, but this summer holiday I found it very common to get blue skies and good weathers. Lastly, it means I have to leave home again to the place where I am pursuing my dream, inside of me, I know very well that I am going to loose something and gain some other things. I love photography, but not that professional, so I was try my best to make it looks pro.

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