Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Transformation- Mother Nature by Naveen Khan

The four seasons in Boston moves fast with different colors and smells. Little do I realize that we are already into Fall. Time flies… I remember few years ago I was too busy to smell the flowers and enjoy the different colors. The seasons move gently blending their colors and smells that tantalizes my senses. How can I miss the amazing orchestration that unfolds before my eyes. I appreciate the splendor that nature has decided to bestow upon us each year. I opened my eyes wide and alert, to detect even the slightest change that Mother Nature makes to the flora and fauna around us. The autumn is one of the best of nature's examples on the transformation of seasons - Summer to Fall. To me, Fall is like a beautiful warning, a glimpse of the future that is winter. I tried to convey the beauty of Mother Nature with the transformation of Summer into Fall. Mother Nature manifests itself to show her hidden beauty before it blankets us with the cover of snow. Fall has started but the mystery of nature is yet not unlocked fully. This snap is a collection from the last year while I clicked some near my home.

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  1. Naveen, do you have any new images that you can share with us that represent transformation? Images that you have shot this week?