Thursday, December 9, 2010

Final, Chuan

For this photo I called it “snow?!”. Honestly, I thought about many ways to present a period time, like a flash, a short video, or make something. However, I couldn’t do it clearly to present my idea. So I chose an easy way to present it, which is make an ugly photo with my scored faces.

Since the first class of Time Based media, I noticed that I could use different ways to present time, even a photo. In this photo, I added many different faces that I took them in Boston. Most of them were taken when I was in Kaplan English school. You can see it, different seasons, and different places. Those faces not just show the time passed, also the different emotions. I had a very excited time during that time. So I want to show that emotion and excited moment.

For the background picture, my friend took it in November 2008, when the first snow came to Boston. I chose this one just because I haven’t seen snow yet in Boston this year.

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